What’s the BEST CONTENT WRITING SERVICE? — 5 content writing services reviewed

in this video I’m gonna be reviewing five different content creation services what I did was I ordered five articles from five different companies I asked for exactly the same article from each it was basically just a guide on how to store a roof box for a car I wanted 1500 words and I wanted some links to Amazon included if possible and well the results quite interesting let’s go hello always antics here from WP eagle hope you’re all well if you’re already subscribed why not do so right now you can do that by clicking on the button below the red one that says subscribe make sure you click the bell to be notified when I upload new videos I try and do a new one every single week so content creation and article writing is something that you guys are always talking about asking me about leaving comments on so I thought it’s about time that I tested out some article writing services so I can recommend to you which one I think is best so as I said in the intro it’s pretty straightforward I’ve just ordered the same article from five different companies I was after a guide on how to store a roof cargo box you know all those boxes that you put on your car to carry extra stuff what do you do when you get home and you don’t need it anymore how do you store it well I needed a guide on exactly how to answer that question so that was what I asked for and by the way if you’re wondering why I’m into roof cargo boxes for cars it’s because I’ve got an affiliate marketing site all around that particular subject in fact I’ve got a playlist of videos on how I created that site and everything that I’ve been doing on it so if you haven’t seen any of those then I suggest you go check them out right now there’s a link that’s appeared somewhere up there right now they also find links to everything that I talked about in the description now before I go too much further I just want to say that all of the facts and figures and the articles that I was delivered by the companies they can all be found over on WP eagle dot-com there’s a link that just appeared now on a link in description to the post I’ll take you straight there and on there you’ll find the article so you can read them yourself decide which one you think is best and you’ll also see all of the other information around the companies like how much they cost how long it took and any other information now I think you’ll find useful so it’s pretty best to go check out that article right now this video is a more condensed version of that article but for the real juicy bits you need to go and check that out now the five different companies that I used in this test were Fiverr I chose one of the most top-rated writers over there textin who are a company that I’ve been using quite a bit for my articles so I wanted to throw them into the mix and see how they stack up third one is a writer who were the chosen preferred company by income school which is another YouTube channel that I have a lot of respect for they put three different companies up against each other and I writer came out on top so I wanted to include those fourth one was Fat Joe who I have seen a lot of adverts for and they just generally looked really good so I wanted to chest them out and the fifth one was rightly written who I’d heard a little bit about and they were billion themselves as quite a high-end premium service so I wanted to see how they for example stacked up against the likes of Fiverr and I writer and some of the cheaper companies so they’re the five it finally it’s all of them in the description some of them may be affiliate links so if you use them thank you very much now let’s get into what actually happened so what I was ordering the articles I was pretty brief with what I was asking for I literally said I want a roof box storage guide article on has to be 1500 words and I want you to include some links to some Amazon products where relevant that was it pretty straightforward pretty brief I know but I was hoping that they’d be able to use their judgment and intelligence and come up with something that I actually wanted a couple of them actually missed the mark completely and delivered me an article on something else we’ll get to that in a few moments let’s start with texture and who are a company I’m pretty familiar with I’ve used them before for quite a bit of content so they delivered the article pretty quickly it was delivered to me within three days after I’d ordered it so you know I’m happy with that I wasn’t expecting it any quicker than that and you know generally I’m thinking about a week is reasonable for an article the cost of the article was only $33 which I thought was pretty good value it was 1500 words was 1517 words actually which is it’s fine because I laughed at 1500 words and the thing that I really like about text and articles is they do read really well they don’t look like they’ve been written by someone that maybe doesn’t have English as their first language they don’t read like they’re a bit spammy which some articles can do it’s actually quite hard to put your finger on what that is but some articles you read them and they just you know don’t read that well they’re just not that good quality they’ve got a nice feel about them but the texts and articles generally do read well and do have a nice feel about them so I was pleased and as I have been with them in the past they’ve turned it around pretty quickly it’s a reasonable cost it reads well it included some links to Amazon so yeah not much more to say about text and they continue to deliver a really good service let’s talk about the four companies that I wasn’t familiar with now the first one is Fat Joe so yeah I had high hopes for this service they’ve got a nice shiny website oh look top quality they’re charging a premium price so I thought hmm you know for 70 odd dollars this article is gonna be good so they delivered the article within four days which I was happy with this as I said I’m happy with anything that comes back within a week you know these guys do need a little bit of time to create something that’s worth reading in a reasonable quality and tell the quality the article was really good it read really well like you know it was written by a proper writer didn’t have any feel of spam to it or anything like that it did read really really well I mean general I don’t have any problem with Fat Joe I think the yeah the article was good the one thing I think the let’s Fat Joe down is the price they’re twice as much as textin and the article was not twice as good it might been a little bit better than the text in an article but yes certainly not worth the extra money so yeah nothing particularly wrong with them but you know when you pay a $65 $70 an article that’s quite a lot and you know we all know that we need lots of articles on our site so that could add up pretty quickly so you’re nothing particular on with that Joe just a bit too expensive and that company is a writer who income schools preferred content creation company that I should say that they actually produce most their content with their own team of writers they don’t outsource it to a content mill like I writer but when they did in that video they said that they’re pretty good so my experience was kind of mixed with I writer they were one of the first to deliver the article of fact it came back to me within 24 hours of placing the order which I guess slightly whirring in a way that you know how can you get a good quality article out that quickly but they got an article out nevertheless within 24 hours and when I open it up and read it I then realized that they had missed the topic completely and they were just kind of writing about roof boxes in general and you can store stuff in the room whatever which was not what I was after so yeah they delivered it really quickly but they delivered me the wrong article my other problems with I writer were that the word document was not particularly well formatted it’s just a massive lump of text which is a bit of a pain when you’re trying to copy and paste it and add it onto your website it’s just gonna take longer and also the article it had that spammy feel to it you know loves talking about earlier if you go and read it over on WP or com you’ll see what I mean it’s just the way that they’ve constructed sentences the words they’ve used it just doesn’t feel of that great quality so yeah I wasn’t too impressed with our writer if I’m honest though they did deliver really quickly that they delivered the wrong article it didn’t Reaper titli well it’s hard to copy and paste so yeah I can’t really recommend I write I’m afraid they fire up next I chose a writer by the name of Burt walleston who had loads of good reviews and looked reasonably priced place an order with him and again like I write so he delivered the article really really quickly it was back to me within 24 hours but again the same thing had happened he’d missed the point completely a written an article about roof boxes in general maybe I wasn’t specific enough in my request when I placed the orders but hey the other companies seem to get it right well apart from I write or just mentioned but yeah he’d missed the point again so I went back because within Fiverr you can easily request a rewrite I said look you missed a point you won’t have another go and he said yeah okay and then within another couple of days he did return the article back to me again he hadn’t rewritten it he’d just basically added a little bit on the end all about storing your roof bugs in your garage tie it up all that kind of stuff put both versions of the article over on wpe or con so you can go and check them out and I think you’ll find that when you read it again it’s got that kind of spammy feel to it doesn’t read that well I mean it’s okay but nowadays in 2019 I think we need to set the bar pretty high when it comes to content and it does need to be of good quality and not have that kind of spammy cheap feel to it which this article did I’m afraid so yeah I’m not gonna be recommending 5:21 for content creation I’m afraid the final company I want to talk about today are rightly written I think actually found this company I even saw an ad or I did some Google searches for article writing services and came across this company and they looked really good and really high-end so I wanted to include them in this test because they do charge top whack for their content creation services so my order came in at $75 which is you know really expensive for an article but you know I thought wow it’s gonna be really good it was actually after I placed the order that was when things started going wrong with this company and then receives a confirmation by email for my order I never received any login details to my dashboard so I was little bit confused as to whether there she even received the order over on their website they’ve got a live chat things I tried to asking questions through that can’t get much help I then drop them an email saying you know where’s my order where’s my login details I’ve not received anything what’s going on and I didn’t get reply to that quickly and then I did get a reply and the tone of the woman who gave me the reply I just didn’t like it she was basically saying well we gave you your login details we’ve helped you out and I was like well I haven’t seen anything what you’re talking about and she was just kind of the way she was speaking just rubbed me up the wrong way it was like it was all my fault that yeah I’ve got my order confirmation and all that kind of stuff so that left her a bad taste in my mouth anyway after about a week or so of waiting for the article down her don’t think so I dropped them and other emails are saying you know where’s my order everything okay and I got another kind of jarring email back from them saying you know we say our tools take 14 days so that’s how long it’s gonna be and I’ve stopped hassling us kind of thing okay 14 days fine so on the 14th day I did receive the article and yeah it was well-written it read very nicely it was also written by a very talented writer however again same problem they’d missed the point of the article completely they just kind of written any general roof box kind of article you say was really well-written and I will use it on the site but yeah it wasn’t about storing a roof box which is what I was actually after so yeah yeah and my general kind of experience with them was not great I say that their email tone was not very friendly and you know they are really expensive by this point I’d lost the will to live in terms of ask them to rewrite it that kind of thing so yeah just moved on and and left it that I will use the article per se is quite good but it’s not about Ruth box storage the other thing we rightly written was it was slightly under the word count it came in at less than 1500 words it’s like fourteen hundred and eighty something which I know is only a few words but still when you paint up what you’d expect to get a few more than you actually ordered rather than a few less so yeah rightly written I’m not going to be recommending them so in conclusion textin are still my favorite content writing service I can wholeheartedly recommend them over the other guys do check them out if you’re after some bits of content I guess my one big takeaway that I’ve learned from this is that I need to be a little bit more specific when I’m ordering content otherwise people do tend to get confused and get the wrong end of the stick and then send me the wrong article I would have thought roof box storage guide was pretty clear but apparently not so yeah going forward I’m gonna be way more specific when I’m ordering content I pray the end of this video I hope you enjoyed it it’s got more videos that have appeared on the screen right now they’ve been chosen especially for you so I hope you enjoy them if it always subscribed and do click on the e go up there and if you want to kill a bit more time why not check out my vlog channel you can access it by clicking on my face up there until next time bye for now

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