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Kodak Film includes 26 carefully crafted Lightroom & Camera RAW presets, especially made to emulates Kodak’s modern professional colour negative films and bring high quality innovative appearances to your photography. These are fantastic for weddings, portraits, lifestyle, editorial, fashion, merchandise, and site photography. Ensure that your digital photos look like film! Following are a few of its attributes:Really important features:26 Premium Presets tested in Lightroom & Camera RAWProfessional and unique outcome attainable in one click100% non-destructive, we have been tasted them onto distinct pictures, along with the results will be awesomeEasy to use, one click + Instalation file + potent support if neededThis presets do not alter the WB (White Balance) of your picture, they operate with color, exposure, contrast, whitesand blacks etc.. This means that when your WB is okay, they do virtually the same impact as on the preview picture, and that is amazing. No camera calibration profiles needed Contained Lightroom Presets Kodak Free 26 Kodak Film Lightroom & Camera RAW Presets01 — Kodak Film Sx102 — Kodak Film Sx203 — Kodak Film Sx304 — Kodak Film Sx405 — Kodak Film Sx506 — Kodak Film Tx107 — Kodak Film Tx208 — Kodak Film Tx309 — Kodak Film Tx410 — Kodak Film Tx511 — Kodak Film 16012 — Kodak Film 160B13 — Kodak Film 32014 — Kodak Film 320K15 — Kodak Film 80016 — Kodak Film 800Cx17 — Kodak Film Cx118 — Kodak Film Cx201-Kodak Grain Master X102-Kodak Grain Master X203-Kodak Grain Master X304-Kodak Grain Master X405-Kodak Grain Master X506-Kodak Grain Master X607-Kodak Grain Master X708-Kodak Grain Master ResetThe file type:. lrtemplate &. Xmp intended to be used together: DNG, PSD, RAW, JPG, TIFF Lightroom & Camera RAW: 4. X or preceding Helpful Instalation file included DOWNLOAD PAGE Fast Download With Cloud Drive Link Password Unzip: Freepreset. Net When you found the link was error, please remark!!!

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